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What do you do when you get bored in surfing the internet? Well, the obvious answer from this question is none other than playing games on your desktop computer or PC. Yes, it is without any reason why most gamers are spending money in buying higher specification of PC because the higher the specification of the PC, the faster and the better game graphic that they will. Now, speaking about playing games on your PC, we all know that most famous games which originally played on game console devices are not free and you have to pay certain amount of price in order to play it on your PC.
But what if we tell you that you can play some of the best games which originally played on the game console device and you can play it for free? It sounds a little bit too good to be true, but the fact is, thanks to the online directory for PC games, you do not have to pay single dime for the these best games. Best pc games of all time are including the NFS games which also known as the Need For Speed games and you can choose 4 different version of NFS games and all are available for download for free.
Are there any other game genres for your PC? The online directory for PC games knows very well that not all of us are avid virtual car drivers and that is why, there are other games which you can download for free. Those games are classified under the categories of action war games, bike games, jet games, and sports games. There is nothing wrong with choosing to download the aforementioned games for free because the original version could be too expensive for some of us and why should you pay when you can get it for free, right?

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Safe Trading for WoW Gold

It is without any reason why the title of this article is about safe trading for WoW gold because there are so many online buyers who report that they have become the victim of online trading for the famous World of Warcraft game gold trading. It is not completely the online buyers’ fault because they might be in a hurry and need to buy the wow gold fast so they can continue their quest on the WoW game. The primary reason why those online buyers are buying the gold without thinking about the safety trading is because some accessories on the WoW game are only available for short amount of time.

Now, how can you get the safe trading for the gold so you can continue our quest and adventure to the WoW game? Currently, the safe trading for WoW gold is only available at the where they protect both the buyers and the sellers/traders with the trading protection which also known as the PlayerGuardianTM. This trading protection is providing safe trading for the buyers who are going to get their gold delivered on time or they can get their money back; for the sellers/traders, they can have the 100% secure payment option where the payment or the financial transaction is 100% protected from any online payment fraud or scam.

The lowest amount of gold that you can get from the aforementioned online forum trading is 5,000 gold and the highest amount of gold that you can buy is around 300,000 gold. Currently, to buy wow gold, there are 6,542 active and valid gold offering with 95 accounts are offering the gold and if you want to power up your level, there are 91 offering that you should not miss. Other WoW items that you can buy are available around 1,757 offer and if you want to buy the CD key-guide for the WoW game, there are 7 offering available for you.

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Online Trading for WoW Gold

Have you finished playing the WoW game? If you finished and do not plan to play the game again, what do you plan with your leftover gold from the WoW game? It would be such a waste if you just left your gold unattended because you can score profit by selling or trading your unused wow gold to other WoW players who currently struggling to buy gold but do not have enough money to buy from certain online gold traders. Now that you know that it is better to sell or trade the WoW gold, where can you sell or trade your gold to trusted buyer?

Well, you do need to be worried because there are so many online game forums where you can promote your WoW gold to any potential buyers. Of course there are some tips for you to get to know which online game forums that you can trust so you can sell and trade your gold safely. The easiest thing to determine whether you are joining the legal and trustable online game forum to trade your gold is to spot the online game forum has PlayerGuardianTM or not. What does PlayerGuardianTMmean?

PlayerGuardianTM means that the online game forum is protecting both the buyer and the trader or seller who wants to buy and trade the gold safely and securely. This trading protection service is making sure that the when buy wow gold, the buyers are get on the gold delivered on time or they can have their money back; while for the sellers or the traders, they can enjoy the secure payment where the payment or financial transaction is 100% protected from payment fraud or scam payment practice. If the online game forum does not offer the aforementioned trading protection both for the buyer and the trader, it is for the best if you choose other forums to trade your gold.

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The Match 3 Puzzle Game

It is without any reason why people who have and use the Android devices are not only using their Android and smartphone devices for communicating, but also for playing games. Thanks to the development of communication technology, the android and smartphone devices are able to hold puzzle game with various sizes although if you install too many games, the smartphone performance might slow down because their internal memory is not enough to support the game as well as doing other commands like chatting and sending text message.

There are so many simple games for android and other smartphone devices that you can easily found at the Google play and one thing that you always remember is the fact that the games here are only available for smartphone devices, particularly the smartphone device with Android on its OS. It is without any reason why the match 3 games are one of the most popular games for smartphone devices because not only they are small in size, but also they pretty addicted and can make you kill your boring time while you on subway train, buses, or even at long hours of flight. Which match 3 games that you should choose to download and install?

There are so many match 3 games that you can choose and one of them is the sweet candy games where you have 60 seconds of time in matching sweet candy puzzle game. The candy match 3 has been referred as one of the super-addictive and most exciting puzzle games for smartphone devices and you have to use the 60 seconds time to finish the different level of difficulties. The help that you get is including the magic swords and if you use it, you can continue to the next level and get bigger scores. Just tap the smartphone screen on any 3 or more connected identical candies to remove them and the candies will crush and fell down and the empty lots will be filled with new candies.

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Fantasy Sport Game

It is normal if you feel bored lately because you think that the games that you have on your smartphone device is no longer challenging. Now, you can kill your boredom by choosing which games that you no longer play regularly, uninstall them and it is time to choose for the new Games because when you stuck with your old games, there are so many new games which released by different game developer and have different theme as well as challenge level. If you into sports, this new fantasy sport game is going to make you hook up and addicted because nothing is like this new game.

Have you heard about Helvetia Cup game? If you haven’t, do not dare to refer yourself as game addict or avid game player because playing the WE or Fantasy Football Manager is way too common, but managing fantasy soccer club, now that is a whole new level for you to try. Helvetia Cup is considered as fast-moving as well as intense fantasy soccer game and in order to be able to be the top soccer club, you need more than tactical skills, strategy, and good knowledge of your opponent’s team’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you play this game, the starter kit contains of 18 painted figures in high quality and other basic accessories like player cards, board, and team power-up cards. You do not need to be die-hard fans of game to be able to play this game and for your information, this game has been nominated as the Tabletop Games because the whole family members can learn how to play it. This could be your ultimate key to win over your nephews and nieces’ heart during boring Christmas weekend and it would be perfect surprising Christmas gift for them. The Helvetia Cup offers new team which part of the expanding pack and contains 9 figurines with completely unique look and feel.

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The Variety of Mario Games

For adults who were born in 1980s, their life was incomplete until they grow some addiction in playing Mario Bros games. This game was very popular during the 1990s and thanks to Nintendo, most of adults these days are having the best era of video games. There was certain uniqueness about Mario Bros who travelled to different world by using pipe hole to save the Princess from the evil Turtle King and whether you believe it or not, this game taught us that eating mushroom is healthy because Mario gained his power level by eating mushrooms.

For some kids, it is exciting to hear the broken sounds of bricks when Mario head-booped the bricks and acquire important items for his journey. And who knows that a plumber can be a very good swimmer? The background music for the underwater game level is very catchy and the sea environment is pretty close to real at that time. Now, Mario Bros games have evolved into so many different games and you can check it at where the Italian plumber is no longer breaking the bricks and eating mushroom and try to save the beautiful Princess as he also races by using karts.

Mario is not along on the racing worlds because all the entire casts on his old video games are also tagging along with him, so if you miss Luigi, this is the perfect time for you to step on the gas and pass Mario on the kart race lane. If kart racing is not your favorite game, how about teaming up Mario Bros with the blue hedgehog Sonic and blowing things up? Well, who knows that the two characters from completely different video game genres can be together and create new game that has 9.7 rating. Check out the aforementioned link to get more Mario Games online.

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TicTacTown Gaming Platform

TicTacTown is possibly the best source for most addicting games in one place. Racing, arcade, puzzles, shooter and many other games are available now to play! For Android and IOS Gamers, there are also many good games inside. TicTacTown games are also suitable for all ages. But these aren’t enough, the crucial point of TicTacTown is the ” Tournaments “.

Either with your facebook account, or your TicTacTown account, you can play crazy fun tournaments. Sharing high scores on facebook and the TicTacTown web site is quite challenging to players and brings on the heat! For those, who like to kill time during the work breaks or the subway commute, TicTacTown is again preferable because of the variety. Having that much amount of games could be overloading in the beginning too. Go on, stop thinking and check out the web site at! You won’t regret it, I promise that.

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Details about the DAoC Game

Attention to all the DAoC gamer or other players who have not heard about this unique game, let’s review what makes this game considered as one of the best MMORPG. Let’s start with the history of the DAoC game where the DAoC stands for Dark Age of Camelot Platinum which commonly shortened as DAOC plat is a 3D fantasy game of MMORPG which taking the medieval as the background was officially released on October 10th 2001 both in North American and Europe. It is a bit unusual for 3D game to be released in 2001 and DAoC has the ability to combine both Player VS Environment (PvE) and Realm VS Realm (RvR) combat option.

Now, where can you find 3D game which able to combine the PvE and the RvR? Only few games which able to combine the aforementioned combat game and Dark of Age Camelot Platinum is one of them. The DAoC game allows their players to choose the type of adventure whether alone or join groups and if the players are choosing to join battle groups, the battle groups are formed so all game players and members are able to get completion of credit in large-scale PvE encounters and providing communication purposes in RvR.

Of course there is basic and fundamental difference between the PvE and RvR where the PvE is focusing on defeating monsters which can be found in dungeons, the open world, and RvR zones. When players or gamers buy DAOC plat, it means that they have the privilege to earn experience points by killing both monsters and enemy players where gaining levels contribute to provide new skills, abilities, and access to expansion areas. The maximum level of the DAoC is currently 50 and there is a rumor that the game developer is going to add more levels that have more difficulty.

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Experiencing the Life in Farmland

There is an old saying says that you never know how it feels until you step on someone’s shoes and perhaps that is why the online game developers are developing a game where you can experience your life as a farmer or peasant. It is a bit weird to choose to play this game instead of other popular games, but if you think again, farming game is offering so many benefits that other online games are offering. Fun is only one of the reasons why you should try to play this RPG game and other benefits are including time management and your natural skills in managing your very own virtual farm.

The game developer is trying their best in creating virtual farm or farming simulator which closest to the real life farmland. You never know that the life in the farm can be so hard and so many things that you have to attend to before you run out of time. The Farming simulator 2015 mods means that you can modified your farming tools and equipments and tools and equipments here refer to the tractors, harvester, seeders, and many others. What about other farming accessories that you need like silo?

Well, you can also add or even improve the accessories for your farmland like the Double BGA silo and before you decide to upgrade or buy the modifications, you need to think that whether the farming game that you currently install compatible to the upgrading or modifications or not. Other features that you can find for your virtual farmland are buildings and objects where you can add chicken coop and barns, forestry and lodging for winter supplies, maps and news, trailers, trucks, excavators and forklifts, and many others. The more farming accessories that you have, you can tackle the any farming jobs that you have.

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All about the MapleStory 2 Mesos

Waiting for the new game or the game sequel to be released is very exciting as well as mysterious because some game developers are gradually released the teasers for their new game like the MS2 Mesos by using the power of social media and online social networks. As for the online gamers, they have to be very active in finding the latest news, teasers, and if possible, the first look and the first chance to play the retail version of the game before the game officially released. Creating curiosity is surely very effective as part of the promotion and marketing strategy for the new game version.

Speaking about the new game version or the game sequel, the aforementioned game which also known as MapleStory is just releasing its sequel. A bit of history lesson for you where the first version of MS online game is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling that massively has multiplayer online RPG. The developer of this game – Wizet-a company gained huge success from this MS game and they know that the online gamers are requesting the sequel version of the MapleStory game. This unique South Korean-developed online game is finally releasing the sequel version of the MS game.

For the sequel of the MapleStory game, the aforementioned South Korean developer promises that the online gamers are having unlimited opportunities to personalized their character. The online game players of MapleStory2 Mesos have the privilege to combine hundreds of different hairstyles, facial expressions, and even the equipment pieces to make your character stands out at the battlefield. Just like any other online games, the MS2 Mesos also needs the online game currency so the online gamers can buy various fashion accessories and battle equipments. Only at which able to provide the online game currency for the aforementioned game at reasonable rates.

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